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                                  Current Board of Directors

President  Don Weisenstein                      

VP for External Affairs
- Rich Moskowitz    mosk405@gmail.com
VP for Operations – Dave Schwarz          smartseach@comcast.net
VP for Athletics- Barry Rosenberg            bwrlaw1@verizon.net
VP for Finance – Ed Stein                      eestein43@gmail.com
Assistant Treasurer – Marty Raffner        martyxx@yahoo.com
VP for Religious Affairs – Rich Dutkin and Bill Roth   Richd@dutkins.com
VP for Communications – Randy Acorcey   RRAcorcey@verizon.net
Recording Secretary – Dave Neidorf          dneidorf@comcast.net
JCRC Representative – Ed Silver               argentumjr@juno.com
Positions without PortfolioBarry Adler and Ned Bulmash

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